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BWF Educational Programs

"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare today." Malcolm X

Level Up

Dipolma and College Prep

According to FosterVA, 51% of children in foster care do not graduate from high school and only 3% of youth in foster care graduate from college. That means they are unprepared for how to navigate life. Becoming Woman's Foundation wants to provide girls and young women with the necessary tools to help them "level up". The Level Up program includes:

  • Educational Assessment

  • Tutoring (General Education, ACT, SAT)

  • Educational Counseling ( Course Tracking, College Applications, Financial Aid)

  • Campus Tours

A Whole New World

Cultural Education

Many children in foster care do not have the opportunity to experience some of the cultural activities that are important to having a well-rounded education and an expanded worldview. These experiences encourage them to value and respect other cultures, promote effective communication, and reduces stereotypes. A Whole New World includes:


  • Museum & Gallery Tours

  • Etiquette Classes

  • Experiences such as going to the beach, seeing a play, going to a restaurant

  • An annual overnight trip

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