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Personal Development Programs

You need to go from wanting to change your life to deciding to change your life. If you want to live a life you’ve never lived, you’ve to do things you’ve never done. - Jen Sincero

"Life" This

Life Skills Program

More than 23,000 children age out of the U.S.foster care system each year. Studies show that many youth who exit foster care have difficulties transitioning to adult life and many lack important knowledge and skills for living on their own. BWF's "Life" This program equips our girls with the necessary life skills to become well-rounded adults. This program will cover:


  • Driving skills

  • Cooking Skills

  • How to find and rent an apartment

  • Healthy grocery shopping

  • How to open a bank account

  • How to file taxes

  • Benefits (health, dental, and life insurance)

  • First Aid & CPR

BO$$ Lady Skills

Career Skills Program

According to, within 4 years of a child aging out of the foster care system, 50% have no earnings and those that do make an average annual income of $7,500. Despite there being 34 million entry-level jobs nationwide, many foster youth are not prepared to be independent and don't have the skills or resources needed to access the opportunities that could launch them into employment. Becoming Woman's Foundation wants to assure the women we serve have the skills and resources to reach their career goals. We provide:


  • Resume writing skills

  • Interviewing skills

  • Tech skills

  • Entrepreneurship

Secure the Bag

Financial Education Program

Many young adults have little experience managing money and have much to learn about developing & sticking to a budget, paying bills, obtaining credit, and saving for the future. Our Secure The Bag program teaches:


  • Savings

  • How to create a budget

  • Learning about credit 

  • Investing

  • Generational poverty

  • Preparing for the future

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